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Smart Trading Club: Thu Apr 18 2019

Intelligent Trading Alerts for Better Results

SPY Daily Correlation to: T-bond (IEF) -61%, Gold (GLD) -48%, Dollar (UUP) -45%

Trading Alerts
Market Internals - the internal strength of the overall market.

Pullback/Rebound - stocks/ETFs that will pullback/rebound very soon.

Trend Reversal - stocks/ETFs that has just started to reverse to an up-trend or a downtrend.

Trend Alert - stocks/ETFs that has just started an uptrend or a downtrend.

Corrective Dip/Rally - stocks/ETFs that are near the end of a corrective dip or rally and will resume trend soon.

Breakout - stocks/ETFs that attempt to breakout support/resistence.

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