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     Thu. Jul. 2, 2020

Trading Signals: GIS Stock Price Prediction and Forecast (Mon. Dec. 1, 2014 - Thu. Jul. 2, 2020)

(General Mills Inc.)

GIS latest price $61.4800 (1.74%) ($60.8500 - $62.0700) on Thu. Jul. 2, 2020.

Trend and Trading Plan

Trend Narrative   Downtrend
Trading Plan  Not Available

GIS Next Day Target Price   $61.47(-0.02%)

GIS 5 Day Price Forecast

Bullish Probability  20%
Bullish Price Move  1.5%
Bearish Probability  80%
Bearish Price Move  -1.5%
Recommended Position Size  -40%
Latest Price  $61.4800
5 Day Target Price  $60.89(-0.96%)
5 Day Price Range  $60.74 - $61.66
Worst Target Price  $61.8700
Best Target Price  $62.5000
To recent high  -3.3%
To recent low  12%
Option Sentiment  
Earning Release Date  Wed. Sep. 16, 2020
Analyst One Year Target Price  $62.78 ($47.00 - $71.00)
  18 analysts (last updated on Mon. Jun. 29, 2020)
% to Average Target Price  2.11%
% to Low Target Price  -23.55%
% to High Target Price  15.48%


General Mills, Inc. engages in the manufacture and marketing of branded consumer foods sold through retail stores. It operates through the following segments: North America Retail; Convenience Stores and Foodservice; Europe and Australia; and Asia and Latin America; and Pet. The North America Retail segment reflects business with a variety of grocery stores, mass merchandisers, membership stores, natural food chains, drug, dollar and discount chains, and e-commerce grocery providers. The Convenience Stores and Foodservice segment consists of ready-to-eat cereals, snacks, refrigerated yogurt, frozen meals, unbaked and fully baked frozen dough products, and baking mixes. The Europe and Australia segment refers to the retail and foodservice businesses in the greater Europe and Australian region, which includes yogurt, meal kits, super-premium ice cream, refrigerated and frozen dough products, shelf stable vegetables, grain snacks, and dessert and baking mixes. The Asia and Latin America segment encompasses the retail and foodservice businesses in the greater Asia and South America regions, which consist of premium ice cream and frozen desserts, refrigerated and frozen dough products, dessert and baking mixes, meal kits, salty and grain snacks, wellness beverages, and refrigerated yogurt. The Pet segment represents the pet food products sold primarily in the United States in specialty channels, including national pet superstore chains, regional pet store chains, neighborhood pet stores, and farm and feed stores; e-commerce retailers; military outlets; hardware stores; veterinary clinics and hospitals; and grocery and mass merchandisers. The company was founded by Cadwallader C. Washburn in 1866 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

$. Technical analysis works only if the market conditions in the future are not drastically different from the past. Always read market news to understand the causes of the price movement before making a trading decision. News

$. GIS price fluctuates within 1.46% (one month std-dev: 1.56% (1.42%)   one year average std_dev: 1.86%) daily (68% of days).
$. GIS price fluctuates within 0% weekly (one year average std_dev: %).
$. GIS is 56% correlated to SPY, and 61% correlated to QQQ.

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BBVTrend-NarrativeSRI    5 Day
1Jul_2_202061.481.74%5.68-3.3%-12%00.3-0.3-0.50.4 Downtrend85(5.7)   60.1(-2.24%)  58
2Jul_1_202060.43-1.98%6.88-4.9%-13.8%-00-0.3-0.6-0.8 Uptrend_Reversal29(0.4)   61.16(1.21%)  50
3Jun_30_202061.651.5%5.6-3%-16.8%1.30.1-0.4-0.50.5 Uptrend_Reversal80(3.9)   62.3(1.06%)  42
4Jun_29_202060.742.58%4.28-4.4%-15.1%0.5-0.2-0.6-0.4-0.5 Growing Downtrend83(4.8)   59.48(-2.07%)  37
5Jun_26_202059.21-1.86%5.59-6.8%-18.4%-1.3-0.5-0.6-0.2-2 Downtrend-83(-5)   59.23(0.04%)  33
6Jun_25_202060.330.07%3.04-5.1%-26.6%-0.6-0.3-0.40.1-1.3N/A44(0.8)   60.5(0.28%)  48
7Jun_24_202060.29-1.16%4.31-5.1%-26.5%-0.9-0.3-0.30.2-1.4N/A76(3.1)   59.73(-0.93%)  49
8Jun_23_202061-0.85%3.2-4%-29%-0.5-0.2-00.3-0.7N/A52(1.1)   61.24(0.4%)  48
9Jun_22_202061.52-0.1%2.3-3.2%-30.1%-0.20.1-00.2-0.2 Range Bound57(1.3)   61.57(0.08%)  39
10Jun_19_202061.58-0.29%13.59-3.1%-30.2%00.2-0.20.1-0 Range Bound58(1.4)   61.58(0%)  39
11Jun_18_202061.76-0.06%2.87-2.8%-30.6%0.40.2-0.4-0.10.2N/A68(2.1)   61.44(-0.52%)  43
12Jun_17_202061.80.02%3.28-2.8%-30.7%0.5-0.1-0.6-0.20.3 Downtrend74(2.8)   59.95(-3%)  50
13Jun_16_202061.791.51%3.74-2.8%-30.7%0.4-0.1-0.4-0.20.3 Downtrend80(4)   59.71(-3.36%)  55
14Jun_15_202060.871.2%5.6-4.2%-28.7%-0.4-0.2-0.2-0.1-0.5 Range Bound76(3.2)   60.89(0.04%)  57
15Jun_12_202060.15-0.71%4.18-5.4%-27.2%-1-0.10.1-0-1.2 Range Bound81(4.2)   59.18(-1.62%)  54
16Jun_11_202060.58-3.5%4.03-4.7%-28.1%-0.8-00.40.1-0.9 Uptrend79(3.8)   59.6(-1.62%)  56
17Jun_10_202062.78-0.06%4.61-1.2%-32.8% Uptrend84(5.2)   61.12(-2.64%)  60
18Jun_9_202062.821.09%8.08-1.2%-32.9%0.7- Uptrend-83(-5)   64.59(2.82%)  61
19Jun_8_202062.141.87%4.55-2.2%-31.4%0.2- Uptrend-83(-5)   64.41(3.65%)  52
20Jun_5_2020610.39%5.49-4%-29%-0.6- Uptrend-83(-5)   63.46(4.03%)  42
21Jun_4_202060.76-1.16%5.79-4.4%-28.5%-1- Uptrend-83(-5)   63.29(4.16%)  43
22Jun_3_202061.47-3.07%3.51-3.3%-30%- Uptrend9(0.1)   61.96(0.8%)  39
23Jun_2_202063.42-0.19%3.56-0.2%-34.1% Uptrend69(2.2)   64.62(1.9%)  53
24Jun_1_202063.540.79%2.52-0%-34.4%0.90.4- Small Rally Pullback78(3.6)   59.91(-5.71%)  62
25May_29_202063.041.83%5.43-0.8%-33.3%1.10.4- Range Bound Pullback82(4.6)   61.5(-2.44%)  64
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SRI    5 Day
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