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     Fri. Mar. 13, 2020

Trading Signals: DHR Stock Price Prediction and Forecast (Mon. Mar. 17, 2014 - Thu. Jul. 2, 2020)

(Danaher Corporation)

DHR latest price $141.3900 (9.7%) ($127.2250 - $142.0800) on Fri. Mar. 13, 2020.

Trend and Trading Plan

Trend Narrative   Downtrend
Trading Plan  Not Available

DHR Next Day Target Price   $138.84(-1.8%)

DHR 5 Day Price Forecast

Bullish Probability  50%
Bullish Price Move  4.3%
Bearish Probability  50%
Bearish Price Move  -4.3%
Recommended Position Size  0%
Latest Price  $141.3900
5 Day Target Price  $141.39(0%)
5 Day Price Range  $138.35 - $144.43
Worst Target Price  $125.7000
Best Target Price  $143.8400
Inflection Point  Yes
Resistance Level  $150.39
To recent high  -16.4%
To recent low  9.7%
Option Sentiment  
Earning Release Date  Thu. Jul. 16, 2020
Analyst One Year Target Price  $174.75 ($151.00 - $195.00)
  16 analysts (last updated on Tue. Mar. 10, 2020)
% to Average Target Price  23.59%
% to Low Target Price  6.8%
% to High Target Price  37.92%


Danaher Corp. operates as a medical company, which designs, manufactures, and markets professional, medical, industrial and commercial products and services. It operates through the following five segments: Life Sciences, Diagnostics, Dental, and Environmental & Applied Solutions. The Life Sciences segment offers a range of research tools that scientists use to study the basic building blocks of life, including genes, proteins, metabolites and cells, in order to understand the causes of disease, identify new therapies and test new drugs and vaccines. The Diagnostics segment comprises of analytical instruments, reagents, consumables, software, and services that hospitals, physician's offices, reference laboratories, and other critical care settings use to diagnose disease and make treatment decisions. The Dental segment develops products and services that are used to diagnose, treat and prevent disease and ailments of the teeth, gums, and supporting bones; as well as to improve the aesthetics of the human smile. The Environmental & Applied Solution segment offers products and services that help protect important resources and keep global food and water supplies safe. The company was founded by Steven M. Rales and Mitchell P. Rales in 1969 and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

$. Technical analysis works only if the market conditions in the future are not drastically different from the past. Always read market news to understand the causes of the price movement before making a trading decision. News

$. DHR price fluctuates within 4.31% (one month std-dev: 3.75% (6.18%)   one year average std_dev: 1.57%) daily (68% of days).
$. DHR price fluctuates within 0% weekly (one year average std_dev: %).
$. DHR is 73% correlated to SPY, and 73% correlated to QQQ.

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  >  20200413

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BBVTrend-NarrativeSRI    5 Day
1Mar_13_2020141.399.7%5.68-16.4%-9.7%0-0.3-1.2-1.1-1 Downtrend-82(-4.5)   145.59(2.97%)  40
2Mar_12_2020128.89-7.52%5.86-23.8%-0%-2.4-0.9-1.4-1.1-2.4 Downtrend Rebound-83(-5)   132.94(3.14%)  25
3Mar_11_2020139.37-3.42%4.64-17.6%-0%-1.1-0.8-1.4-1.1-1.7 Downtrend-83(-5)   139.37(0%)  32
4Mar_10_2020144.311.92%4.08-14.6%-1.9%-0.9-0.2-1.3-0.9-1.3 Growing Downtrend-71(-2.4)   141.61(-1.87%)  32
5Mar_9_2020141.59-4.61%4.25-16.2%-0%-1.7-0.5-1.5-0.9-1.9 Growing Downtrend Rebound-83(-5)   145.21(2.56%)  28
6Mar_6_2020148.43-0.7%3.16-12.2%-0.9%-0.50.1-1.6-0.8-1.2 Downtrend74(2.9)   145.13(-2.22%)  31
7Mar_5_2020149.47-4.17%4.47-11.6%-1.6%-0.20.1-1.7-0.9-1.2 Downtrend-66(-1.9)   145.69(-2.53%)  35
8Mar_4_2020155.985.72%3.46-7.7%-6.1%1.80.2-2-1-0.3 Downtrend83(5)   149.8(-3.96%)  40
9Mar_3_2020147.54-2.09%3.11-12.7%-0.6%-0.4-0.3-2.2-1.1-1.7 Breakdown-68(-2.1)   144.12(-2.32%)  26
10Mar_2_2020150.692.48%4.62-10.9%-3.4%0.3-0.4-2.2-1.1-1.4 Breakdown-87(-6.8)   154.25(2.36%)  30
11Feb_28_2020147.050%7.87-13%-0.9%-1.3-1-2.1-1.1-2.2 Breakdown Rebound-83(-5)   150.29(2.2%)  25
12Feb_27_2020147.05-3.38%4.67-13%-0.9%-2.3-0.9-1.7-0.8-2.7 Growing Downtrend Rebound-83(-5)   149.68(1.79%)  23
13Feb_26_2020152.190.36%3.46-10%-4.5%-1.5-0.9-1.4-0.7-2.3 Growing Downtrend Rebound-83(-5)   154.53(1.54%)  31
14Feb_25_2020151.65-3.3%3.2-10.3%-4.6%-2.9-1-0.9-0.4-3.1 Growing Downtrend-83(-5)   151.16(-0.32%)  30
15Feb_24_2020156.82-3.13%2.47-7.2%-8.2%-1.9-0.9-0.4-0.2-2.5 Downtrend-83(-5)   157.13(0.2%)  43
16Feb_21_2020161.881.01%1.9-4.2%-13.1%-0.7-0.20.20-0.7N/A75(3)   163.87(1.23%)  55
17Feb_20_2020160.26-2.23%2.43-5.2%-12.1%-1.8- Range Bound-29(-0.4)   159.38(-0.55%)  32
18Feb_19_2020163.91-0.05%2.64-3%-14.7%- Uptrend71(2.4)   165.66(1.07%)  47
19Feb_18_2020164-1.18%1.9-3%-17%- Uptrend60(1.5)   164.2(0.12%)  51
20Feb_14_2020165.951.55%1.63-1.8%-21.9%1.10.400.51.4 Small Rally Pullback78(3.6)   164.31(-0.99%)  59
21Feb_13_2020163.42-0.25%2.73-3.3%-20%0.1-0.1-   165.61(1.34%)  53
22Feb_12_2020163.830.09%1.65-3.1%-20.9% Small Rally77(3.3)   164.03(0.12%)  53
23Feb_11_2020163.680.42%1.65-3.2%-21.7% Small Rally76(3.1)   163.88(0.12%)  50
24Feb_10_2020162.990.62%1.67-3.6%-21.2% Small Rally72(2.6)   165.4(1.48%)  49
25Feb_7_2020161.99-1.21%1.65-4.2%-20.4%-0.30.1-0.20.8-0.2N/A47(0.9)   160.03(-1.21%)  49
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