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     Fri May 12 2017

UDOW: Trading Intelligence: Practice Trading Skills

A good way to practice and improve your trading skills for UDOW is to go back in time to see whether you'll make the right trading decisions for the past trading days. Here's a list of 5 trading days randamly generated from past year. Click a date to start practice and improve your trading skills, and you will find the market news before that date too. You'll have a much better understanding about UDOW and your own trading in just an hour. Refresh the page to see 5 new random dates.

20161111 Weekly Price Change: 17.05% | Daily Volume Change -32.88%
20170327 Weekly Price Change: -5.04% | Daily Volume Change -3.38%
20161216 Weekly Price Change: 1.32% | Daily Volume Change -36.28%
20160705 Weekly Price Change: 12.55% | Daily Volume Change -24.56%
20160531 Weekly Price Change: 4.94% | Daily Volume Change 107.01%


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